Call it the Rainbow Covenant
, the First Covenant,
the Noahide Covenant
, or ....

Whatever you call the great Biblical compact between God and Earth, the Universal Covenant precedes God's ancient covenant with Israel. It connects all humanity - starting, according to the Bible, with Adam and Eve and Noah - to God's overflowing love and to ALL the logical, ethical and moral Teachings of the Bible.

People call it Noahism, No'achism, and Noahidism. We wrote Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws, publish Covenant Connection - our monthly online journal - and use all the means at our disposal to help people benefit from this extraordinary gift, the Way of God and the Path of the Righteous.


"Without eliminating existing religions, these sublime moral principles will eventually bring the world's peoples together in harmony and love."
- from a review of Rainbow Covenant.

"Here is the cure for racism, anti-Semitism and barbarism. You can't help but come away from here awed by God's profound loving-kindness and His wisdom." - Rev. Jack E. Saunders

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Covenant Connection

Every issue is pre-reviewed (in draft form) by Rabbi M. Katz

February 2018 - Volume 12.5

Why is the World So Messed Up?

Theodicy, the philosophy... "If God is so great, why is the world so troubled and miserable?" The Book of Job, and Ecclesiastes. Rabbi Akiva and martyrdom. Life after life: olam haba, the World to Come. Human sacrifice. Abraham Lincoln's 2d Inaugural Address and theodicy. 500 Times More Good in the World Than Evil [from last month] clarified, and More

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    Mankind cannot rise to the essential principles on which society must rest unless it meets with Israel. And Israel cannot fathom the depths of its own Tradition unless it meets with mankind.
    - Rabbi Eliyahu Benamozegh (c. 1900)

    When you see the ideas of the prophets of Israel presented rationally, as they are here, you can see why they promised that they shall ultimately prevail.

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