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Here's the Divine system, called the First Covenant (or Noachide Covenant, Rainbow Covenant, and Universal Covenant) to bring all human beings into conscious service of El - the eternal heavenly King of Israel, the Ancient of Days, also called "the Lord" - including correct theology and basic rules and instructions for living a moral, fully human life.

El, or Yah, or HaShem, and El-Shaddai, holds us all responsible for upholding and advancing certain fundamental laws.

These laws, "the Commandments of the Descendants of Noach," are said to number seven. Hebrew Tradition teaches that all seven flow logically and directly from His great Revelation to all humanity that He created us - all of us, every human being - as unique creatures under Heaven: that we are all fundamentally brothers, of every culture, race and nation, and that each of us is sacred, on a level with every human being, and that He, amazingly, loves us all, individually and together, like a Father.

The main point is that He, the infinite, unknowable but altogether awesome "Father" - the unimaginable eternal super-intelligent living Being Who is the Creator, Judge and Lord of the whole cosmos, and every point and particle within them - created us all. And that He Who lovingly grants us life and free will also blesses us with the gift of His brilliant, just, compassionate and altogether holy guiding law and His commandments. Every person of every nation is bound by Divine law.

First Covenant was founded by an American Jewish writer and lawyer, a former Baptist pastor and writer, and an Orthodox rabbi, Michael Katz. Rabbi Katz provides rabbinic supervision, trying to insure the kashrut - the kosher quality - of all our work product, including every Covenant Connection.

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If you think that a loving supernatural Power Who is involved with His Creation and concerned with every person, force and particle within it is wishful or too good to be true, please go here. If you think the religion of Israel is mere opium for the masses, and the function of Israel in the world reactionary, irrational, "colonialist" or stale, please look here.

About the First Covenant: The First or Rainbow Covenant and all the wisdom in it is the principal pathway for Noahides, "Gentiles," or Non-Jews to learn about the Eternal holy Power Who rules all Creation as Israel knows Him. That is what our book and this foundation are all about.

About our book, Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws: it's almost 20 years old. Thank God, we have acquired more knowledge in the meantime. The Law, we believe, is much more loving, liberal and wise than we wrote initially. So it's certainly time for a revised edition. Nevertheless, it's weathered the years pretty gracefully. It remains, by far, the soundest guide there is to the superlative body of wisdom known as the Universal Covenant. If you have questions about any part, please, ask.


If God does not exist, nothing matters.
If He does exist - nothing else matters.



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