The First Covenant


Here are Heaven's basic rules and instructions for living a moral, fully human life.

God holds mankind responsible for upholding certain fundamental laws.

These laws, reflecting common sense, are said to number seven. All seven flow directly - according to Hebrew Tradition - from God's great Revelation to mankind everywhere, that He created us all in His "image." That is, He put us all on notice (through our legendary common ancestors) that our neighbor, the "stranger," and even our human enemies exist as we do; and that we are brothers, and the individual human being is sacred.

The Seven Commandments of the First Covenant - sometimes called the Rainbow Covenant, from the story of the Flood in Chapter Nine of Genesis ("I have set My bow in the cloud and it shall be for a token of a covenant between Me and the earth," etc. Genesis 9:13) - are the logical corrolaries of that Revelation. According to the Torah, they issued simultaneously (Talmud, Sanhedrin 56b).

The overarching point is, one Father created us all. He Who lovingly grants us life and free will also blesses us with the gift of His commandments. Every person of every nation is bound by Divine law.

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Covenant Connection

November 2023 - Volume 17.2

Palestinians Over God, International Law and Eretz Israel.

Each "Covenant Connection" draft is reviewed pre-publication by Rabbi Michael Katz - Miami, Florida.

If you think that a loving God Who is involved with His Creation and concerned with every person, force and particle within it is wishful or too good to be true, we have news for you; please go here. If you think the religion of Israel is mere opium for the masses, and the function of Israel in the world reactionary, irrational, "colonialist" or stale, please look here


About the First Covenant: The First or Rainbow Covenant and all the wisdom in it is the principal pathway for Noahides, "Gentiles," or Non-Jews to learn about God as Israel knows Him. That is what our book and this foundation are all about.

About Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws: it's almost 20 years old. Thank God, we have acquired some knowledge in the meantime. The Law is much more loving, liberal, wise and open to people's best efforts than we wrote initially. It's time past for a revised edition. But, otherwise, when all's said and done, it has weathered the decades pretty gracefully. It remains, by far, we believe, the soundest the guide there is to the Seven Commandments.


If God does not exist, nothing matters.
If He does exist, nothing else matters.



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