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The First Covenant - the eternal covenant with Adam and Eve and then Noah, associated with the rainbow after the Flood (Genesis 9), and called the Rainbow Covenant - is really just the Outpatient Department of Judaism. The Biblical System, the Torah and the whole Hebrew Revolution all start here; the two covenants - the First for everyone, including the Jews; the second, Sinai Covenant, for Israel, commanding only the Jewish People (God's special "witnesses") - are part of the same Divine system and can't be fully understood except together.

The Torah - the "Guidance," the righteous Way - is for everyone.

This is the eternal holy cause that the Nazis tried to kill.

Fundamental principles

If God does not exist, nothing matters. If He does exist, nothing else matters.

The Universe isn't just a big accident. God is real - a living "personality," an intelligent individual. When a tree falls in a forest, He hears.

NONE of the Old Testament prophets was a liar. The human race and the Jewish people are real. Animals are real. The world is NOT an illusion.

The Children of Israel - in the Bible, the Jews are the big brother in the family of the nations of humanity (Exodus 4:22) - are God's "peculiar instrument" (Exodus 19:5). The mission: incarnating the elevating holy principles of the Revelation at Sinai. Human history is the story of God knowing what mankind needs. The Hebrew Revolution is the principal vehicle by which human beings overcome the cruel, racist, xenophobic, superstitious, humorless, animalistic, unjust, stagnating impulses in human history and nature.

These points, and particularly the belief in the One God of Abraham, are frequently derided as superstitious primitivism. But the phenomenon of the Hebrew Revolution is no figment. The phenomenon of the Jews is no superstition.

If you think that a loving God Who is involved with His Creation and concerned with every person, force and particle within it is wishful or too good to be true, we have news for you; please go here. If you think religion - if you think THIS religion - is mere opium for the masses, and the mission and function of Israel in the world is reactionary, irrational or stale, you might look here.

Israel's obligation to transmit God's Universal Teachings to others is much of the reason for the Jews' dispersion among the nations

About the First Covenant: The First or Rainbow Covenant and all the wisdom in it is the principal pathway for Noahides, "Gentiles," or Non-Jews to learn about God as Israel knows Him.

That is what our book and this foundation are all about.

About our book: it's almost 20 years old. We acquired some knowledge in the meantime, thank God. There are things in there that need changing. In the area of sex laws, particularly, the book applied a stale wrong benchmark, and we could have done better on - for instance - abortion. But, otherwise, Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws has weathered the decades remarkably gracefully. We firmly believe that it remains, by far, the soundest the guide there is to the universal aspects of the Hebrew Revolution from Sinai.


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