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“Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." (Albert Einstein, 1954).

History integrates science with religion.

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If you think that a loving God Who is involved and concerned with every person, force and particle in Creation is wishful or too good to be true, go here.

If you think religion is “opium for the masses” ... and that the mission of Israel in the world is reactionary, stale, or irrational, go here.

Fundamental principles:
The Universe didn't "just happen." If a tree falls in a forest, God hears it. He is real and Creation is real. None of the Old Testament prophets was a liar. The Jewish people are real.

The Children of Israel - in the Bible, the "elder brother" of the human race (Exodus 4:22) - are God's "peculiar instrument" (Exodus 19:5).
The mission: elevating mankind.

Irresistible force (Torah-informed people, especially including Israel) meets immovable object (Torah-less mankind).
It's not quite but almost a suicide mission.

Israel's obligation to transmit God's Universal laws to others is much of the reason, Israel's Sages wrote, for the Jews' dispersion among the nations. [From Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws]

So what are non-Jews supposed to do? How are Noahides, "Gentiles," "goyim," supposed to relate to the holy almighty King of the Universe, the God of Abraham, and Adam, Eve, Noah and Moses?

That's where we come in. Torah for non-Jews. That's what our book and this foundation are all about.

That being said, the Torah's universal aspects cast light on the rest of the Torah - particularly on such otherwise mysterious Torah "statutes"as "meat and milk" and kosher slaughter.

The Rainbow Covenant: This is Biblical. Everything starts with God putting all humanity on notice that He made us - every individual human being - in His "image."

How can the infinite Creator of time and space, the Sustainer of uncountable galaxies, have an image? What the Bible is saying in the original Hebrew is that we, people, are somewhat like Him - we share qualities with Him!

Every genuinely moral law follows from that principle, that every single person is an infinitely sacred being - not an object, nor merely an animal. The ‘Golden Rule’ (Do unto others….) directly follows. Then come the Seven Universal Commandments of the Noahide Covenant, or First Covenant, the Rainbow Covenant, or Noahism (also "No'achism" and "Noahidism").

It's weird that this extremely basic Biblical principle isn't better-known. It's a fact, though, and something extremely well-known to the rabbis and Sages of Israel. The Ten Commandments bind Israel, the Jewish People. The Seven Commandments of the First Covenant, hinted at in the Book of Genesis, chapter 9, is the Law that applies to Gentile AND Jew.

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We wrote a very highly regarded book about the Universal Covenant and these great moral laws, and the Torah system generally: Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws.

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