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As a child it was just me and my Dad, so in my solitude, books became my passion. I had a keen interest in the Bible, and I read it often, but even as a youth I could not reconcile the apparent contradictions between the so-called "Old and New Testaments." It seemed ludicrous to me that an everlasting and unchanging G-d would say "forever" at one point, then seem to change His mind completely at another. At the age of twelve I embarked upon an ambitious pursuit to read the World Book Encyclopedia all the way through.

During this endeavor, I developed an insight into how religions throughout the world had developed, particularly Christianity and its origins. This prompted me to begin a study of all the Hebrew sources that I could find. I continued my self study of Judaism throughout my adolescence and early adulthood, often finding myself in heated debates with the Christian "scholars" of my community.

At the age of 30 (1989) I was contemplating conversion when a friend brought to me a set of tapes and a book. The book was Vendyl Jones' Will the Real Jesus Please Stand? The tapes were Jack Saunders' and J. David Davis' "What Price Truth?" I read the book and listened to the tapes and was shocked to learn that FINALLY someone else was saying what I had been thinking! I was not alone. As it turned out, I lived in the same area as Jack and J. David and I began to study with them.

This began my experience with the B'nai Noach movement. I was blessed enough to find it at its very beginnings, and I have been blessed to watch it grow into a worldwide phenomenon. In 2005, I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences, specializing in Judaic Studies. I plan to continue, G-d willing, with my studies at the graduate level and my involvement with the Noachide faith.

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