Stephen E. Williamson

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I was raised in a fundamental Christian faith but was confused by
the fact that the very first followers of Jesus maintained their Jewish
faith.  I knew that something got lost and it was not until I read the
Rainbow Covenant that I saw the light.  I now read the Torah every day and
try to live my life according to the Covenant. 

I had pretty much been living the Covenant all my life except for the major sin of believing that
Jesus was the messiah.*  54 years of error are hard to break, but with
prayful study, I am doing my best to do what is right.

* From Michael Dallen:

I didn't write Rainbow Covenant to tear anyone away from believing in Jesus. I believe, absolutely, that one can believe in Jesus and keep the Seven Noahide Laws. Christians need to keep the Seven Noahide Laws as much as anyone. If they remain in the faith of their ancestors, who could call that wrong? But they still need to uphold - and try to advance - the Noahide Law.

We welcome people of every faith and creed to the First Covenant Foundation. People of every faith and creed need to learn about the Seven Noahide Laws, to solidly establish these bedrock principles of civilization worldwide. That, I believe, is the only way to save the world - by making the world more deserving of being saved!

All this being said, I sincerely appreciate every comment that Mr. Williamson has made above.




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